Week #29

(This story is made up please don’t spam my comments ask me where this place is) hi, hope you doing well so I got a story to tell ok so  I was a this jump place and as I was jumping and I got really hungry so I went to some place and the first […]

Week #30

Hi, there so I study old stuff like really old and I got this Journal to write about and well I’m write about something so someone contacted me saying they had something I would want to see so I went to their house which was 5 hours away I got and they handed me this […]

Week #28

(warning this is not a real event) log 001 so as I write this logo was just in an earthquake so I am going to tell you the details so i was go to a hotel but I wanted to treat myself I heard there is a wave pool at the top of the skyscraper […]

Week #27

Hi, Steve as you can see by the painting I sent in this email I am also on your side. when you made that sculpture it inspired me to make this painting  a giant leaf and when people step on it they will also be reminded of how important trees are so maybe we can […]

Week #25

Is is game day I’m a baseball player and I just got back from a big big game you know the player base of fortnight yeah that big ok back to the point i have a story to tell so it was my turn to hit first hit miss second hit miss I thought that […]

Week #24

Hi I created this because of climate change is causing floods and droughts and because of deforestation so I crated this sculpture so if people see it they will be reminded of how important trees are and how they help us live by providing us oxygen so if you are about too cut down a […]

Week #19

(Warring this is not real information) welcome to the nascar 2022 championship!!! A lot of rookies this championship so I have no idea who will win and their off 93 off to an early lead and 22 takes the lead big pack back a ways 22 still in the lead 79 coming up close and […]

Week #18

Hi, my name is Greg and I am a detective on a case as I write this i am still looking for clues as I walk down this road that leads to the park I see a shimmer i go to if and I find a old church key I don’t think of it too […]


Gary got up form his bed he looked at the clock he had 5 minutes till work started so ha eat and then brush his teeth and his hair and he called a taxi two minutes late he saw a yellow cab pull up it has the late 1980’s so the cab wasn’t so fancy […]


If I could have one wish it would to be to make Covid-19 be gone so our life’s would normal again and no more masks and schools and stores would be so much better. Also no vaccines and we could travel again to see family and we wouldn’t have to social distance 6 feet apart […]