If I could have one wish it would to be to make Covid-19 be gone so our life’s would normal again and no more masks and schools and stores would be so much better. Also no vaccines and we could travel again to see family and we wouldn’t have to social distance 6 feet apart […]

Week #13

I think the word will become one huge Ocean and people people would have to make floating cities and feed of of fish because most animals would die because of lack of food. I would be like raft tell me if you have played that game or seen it or it could be like subnautica […]

Week #10

Hi, my name is Paul and I love nature. So you imagine seeing all this Pollution is an eye Sore for me. And I’m just like can we not use power Sources that involves nature like a Dams or Solar energy and not coal power and because of the smoke it kills birds that fly […]

Week #9

Hi I work at the trucking industry and my name is Alex. And we got a call for a fireplace so we sent a small flatbed truck and not ten minutes later we see on the news that there is a fire and we can see the red and Orange Flames so everyone is evacuated […]

Week #7

My name is James and I am a fire fighter and climate change has changed my life and because of the drought our sprinklers don’t have enough water to work. And because they don’t have the water they need to work we are getting calls left right and Center. And for all for all the […]


my name is Matt and my family likes to go swimming so this week we went to go swimming in the river . When we got there I hadn’t seen the river bed so dry in a long time. But we still had fun but my sis didn’t. She was complaining the whole time on […]

Week #3

Ok so i went to a museum and i saw a  weird like ball of bones and it was like super weird  and I don’t know a lot about physics but  I don’t think bones are suppose to stick together like that I took a picture and showed to my wife and she’s a Scientist […]

Week #2

I walk to work it’s a small place some would even say a minuscule place I check the calendar it’s Friday one more day until my day off.  i go in to work and the day has started I make a few notes on sticky notes and put them on my computer fill out some […]